Land.Luft Leberfing – We let them loose

Welcome to the organic farm in Leberfing - for the benefit of man, animal and nature.

At our organic farm in Lower Bavarian Leberfing, we produce high-quality organic food, away from urban bustle and industry: meat from animals that graze all year round and are slaughtered at the farmyard, juice and jam made from fully ripe fruits and aromatic vegetables, pesticide-free and traditionally processed. Our fields and meadows are an important basis here: a healthy soil ensures healthy produce as well as the food of our animals. Generous pastures provide ample open space and a natural surroundings for pigs, cattle, sheep and chickens.

It is very important to us that all animals enjoy a good life with us: from beginning to end. Therefore, we do without animal transport and slaughter directly at the farm, in the environment familiar to the animals. In peasant tradition, we process almost everything the animal has given us. Everything has its meaning, everything has its value. And we want to preserve, cultivate and taste it!

Land.Luft organic products stand for the sustainable and responsible dealing with man, animal and nature.


We are closed from December 22th to January 14st 2020.

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    Phone:+49 8723 979-5060

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    Leberfing 1
    94439 Roßbach - Münchsdorf