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Organic Vegetarian Delicacies

There´s more than just pork

Apart from organic meat from own production, we also offer organic vegetarian delicacies and more.

Sweet and sour delicacies in the glass

From our orchards and vegetable fields, the fully ripe fruits get directly into the glass without long storage periods or transport, so that their quality and full flavor are preserved. Enjoy the intense fruit taste of our homemade jams as a sweet breakfast or the slightly sour note of the pickled vegetables at the next barbecue party or a good snack.

Apple juice

For our organic Apple juice we exclusively use late and sun-ripened apples. The same applies here: the riper the fruits, the more intense and aromatic the taste. Our own press house processes the fresh apples without storage periods.

Smoked beer liquor

Sustainable and high-proof. A special destillate, produced from naturally cloudy smoked beer. Our liquor surprises with a fine, smoky taste of malt and complex beer flavours.