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Animal Welfare

Tons of lucky pigs

The entire animal husbandry is designed for animal welfare – this is the basis for good and healthy meat.

This can be recognized by the sophisticated pasture plan and the corresponding pasture functions, which are geared to the needs of the animals and their life cycle. Compliance with the regulations regarding landscape management, land regeneration and swine hygiene is a matter of course.

All animals enjoy year-round free-range husbandry at the organic farm in Leberfing. This is possible due to the traditional attitude of old, robust livestock breeds, which have become rare.

The brown mountain sheep is predestined for year-round grazing due to its robustness and is primarily used at the farm for the care of pastures. The cattle stock currently consists of three breeds: the original Braunvieh, the German Angus and the Murnau Werdenfelser breed, whose offspring lies in natural service. The focus of the project, however, are the pigs. Also originating from natural service, the offspring is produced with an unmistakably Swabian-Hall mother sow and a Duroc-Pietrain boar. The chickens are also on the pasture all year in their chicken mobile. However, these are not bred at our farm but purchased from organic breeders.