Our farm - Butchery

Land.Luft is animal welfare

The special pride of the operators lies in the mobile slaughtering directly on the pasture, which is exceptional in this embodiment and continues the animal welfare consistently. In the farm's own butchery, the animals are then disassembled and processed. Lack of live transports favor the stress level of the animals before slaughter, as they feel relaxed in their usual environment. In the mobile slaughterhouse, the lactate levels in the killing process are reduced to a minimum. So the maximum meat quality can be ensured.

Pigs and cattle are lured into the caravan with food in order to place them in a suitable position. Immediately after the bleeding that takes place in the facility, the animals are further processed on site in the butchery. This short way allows further processing of the meat in a warm state, which makes the common practice to add phosphate and nitrate unnecessary. The meat undergoes various refining and processing procedures. It is further processed by maturing, smoking or dry aging into traditional Bavarian sausage and meat products. After finished processing, the meat is then sold in our own farm shop and in the adjacent restaurant, among others.